Painless Payments delivering engaging and immersive experience

We offer pay with points + cash payment solutions providing flexible form of payment method that allows consumers to redeem their loyalty rewards at checkout.

Consumers also have the option to gamify their points at our play to earn platform allowing extra entertainment and engagement with your brand.

Play Games, Win Matches & Earn Rewards

For Players

We created with two goals in mind—your entertainment and your shopping desire. There is no luck in competing. Unleash your inner champion, get highest ranking, defeat opponents, win Puzzles and shop till you drop.

For Game Developers

We are here to offer you esports events-as a-service. Our multiplayer social competition platform brings tournaments and real-world prizes to your players while keeping everyone engaged and motivated. Contact us to add a competitive spin to your games.

Play with points; Pay with points

Game Now Pay Later supports payment and instalment loan repayment by multiple loyalty rewards redemption. Main features include:

  • Connects to multiple loyalty program
  • Automated loyalty point conversion calculator
  • Instant payment process
  • Built-in gamification system to supercharge merchant’s loyalty program engagement, and to allow consumers to win more points
Compete. Play. Win

We connect game developers, brands and merchants to gamers through our proprietary game engagement platform.

We reward gamers for their skills, time and effort through game competitions, missions and esports. In exchange, the rewards can be used to redeem product and services offered by brands.

We aim to bring together exciting games, products and services, encouraging engagements between consumers, games and brands.

Your One Stop Game Marketing Provider

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in gaming to build better businesses through our easy-to-use platform, industry connections and expertise.